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William Garrity of Taconic High School, left, and Elodie Thériault of Pittsfield High School were introduced by Superintendent Joseph Curtis at Wednesday’s school committee meeting. The students are the best in their classes and have received the annual Superintendent’s Award.

PITTSFIELD, Mass .– Two seniors, one from each of the city’s high schools, were honored for their top academics and community involvement at Wednesday’s school committee meeting.

William Garrity of Taconic High School and Elodie Theriault of Pittsfield High School received the Certificate of Academic Excellence from the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents.
The awards are presented annually to high school students who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of academic excellence and achieved their school’s highest average.

Garrity ranks first in the Taconic Class of 2022 with a cumulative score of 103.9.

In addition to having an impressive record of extracurricular activities, he used his tech skills to create a website that centralized information on the blended distance learning program used by teachers and students.

Year after year, William continually challenges himself with his dedication to learning by taking a rigorous course load that includes a combination of honors and advanced placement courses at Taconic while simultaneously completing early college courses, double enrollment courses up to [Berkshire Community College] and [Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts]”Superintendent Joseph Curtis read from a statement provided by Garrity’s student advisor Joseph Marshall.

He also received the First Place Prize and the 2021 General Dynamics High School competition and was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Garrity is a valued member of the school community, Marshall wrote, and is involved in several threads woven into the fundamental fabric of what it means to be a student who takes responsibility, has respect and strives for excellence.

Garrity has served as co-chair of the Taconic Mascot Steering Committee, participates as a member of the Green and Gold Club, Class Council and Italian Club, and has been selected to join the Massachusetts State Student Advisory Council.

He constantly challenges himself throughout his courses, successfully completing Advanced Placement Statistics, and in AP US History and English he scored four out of five on each exam of these two courses.

This year, Garrity is taking AP Calculus, AP Computer Principles, and two dual-enrollment college courses at BCC in order to successfully complete his Computer Programming certification.

During the Christmas holidays last year, he created the now closed website,, which described, organized and projected the Hybrid Distance Learning Calendar with real-time updates, start and end times of classes and school days, vacations and weekly rotations.

This has given Pittsfield Public School teachers and students a go-to resource for their modified learning schedule.

Curtis said he used the website himself.

Garrity also created the high school club programs webpage which is currently on the high school website. This offers information on clubs and extracurricular activities offered at Taconic for interested students.

These projects have earned him district-wide recognition.

He also volunteered for the Pittsfield School Committee and attended the BCC STEM starter Academy last summer.

Garrity plans to attend Berkshire Community College to major in computer networking and cybersecurity and / or computing, then transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the word ‘learn’, a transitive verb, is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge or understanding or skills through study, instruction or experience, to arrive at be able to realize and come to know, “wrote Marshall. “From his first grade debut, William has applied his ability to gain an understanding of knowledge and skills both inside and outside the classroom.”

Theriault is ranked # 1 out of 172 students in the Pittsfield High class of 2022 with an average of 103.2.

She is said to be highly respected by PHS staff for her dedication to both academics and extracurricular activities.

“She has chosen to take challenging courses throughout our four years at PHS, all in Honors and Advanced Placement levels,” wrote Ann Marie Mutz, PHS advisor. “[Theriault] is a talented, disciplined and extremely bright young woman. She challenges herself to the maximum in any learning environment and has always achieved the highest level of achievement. “

Thériault will have completed eight AP courses upon graduation. She will also graduate with the distinction of receiving the AP Capstone Diploma which is awarded to a student who has completed both the AP Seminar and AP Research and received a specific AP score.

The aim of the program is to equip students with independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills. Thériault’s research topic was “narcissism and Instagram”.

She also participated in a civic education project at PHS which was linked to a demographic knowledge project sponsored by Harvard University. The professors involved in the project were impressed with the quality and depth of his civic education project and asked if his project could be sent to various locations across the country to serve as a model.

Thériault is a member of the National Honor Society, the cross country and track teams, the class council and the mural club. She played the cello for six years and the piano for 10 years, danced for seven years at the Cantarella dance school and works in Ayelada.

Curtis acknowledged that the frozen yogurt store is a favorite in the room.

She is also a volunteer with the Berkshire Theater Group and the Berkshire Humane Society.

“[Theriault]is mature beyond her years and has set high expectations for herself, “Mutz wrote.” Teachers have stated that she is an asset to their class and brings a true understanding of course content and is ready to help others within the class in a very respectful manner. “

Thériault wishes to study science in fields such as biochemistry, neurology, research or attend medical school and applies to Harvard, Smith College, Mount Holyoke and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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