The Only Character Based App For Learning In India “Little Singham”: Why Is It The Best Choice For Kids?

The Only Character Based App For Learning In India “Little Singham”: Why Is It The Best Choice For Kids?

India has developed in all kinds and in all ways in recent years. The development in the technology sector has also seen remarkable and significant growth. As reported by existing market data, India has emerged as the second largest online learning market, after the United States in 2020. The technology market is booming and growing steadily. We recently glimpsed the generation and establishment of another amazing team, namely Creative Galileo. Creative Galileo is a company that has successfully designed an app, namely The Little Singham, which could be used by the youngest to experience the perfect mix of education and entertainment.

The creativity and purpose involved in making The Little Singham

The Little Singham app was introduced by the Creative Galileo company in 2020. Since then, it has managed to glimpse around 2 million downloads from the Indian subcontinent itself. It also received an average rating of 4.5 stars. It is expected to experience tremendous success and growth in the near future, making Indian education an interesting source of study and entertainment. It allows children to indulge in educational activities, making them fun and attractive. The app generates personalized and combined learning experiences for children and helps them develop their already growing minds in a more amazing place.

The world has seen a significant change in terms of creating interactive learning opportunities and indulgence in e-learning platforms. This is precisely where the company Creative Galileo found its motivation and the opportunity to develop a competitive application aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old. The thoughts and processes involved in the design and full implementation of this app come from Founder Prerna Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder Anunay and Desha Vora, the Chief Engineering Officer as well as all other members of the company who had put their heart, mind, and soul to this excellent mobile app.

Fascinating and attractive features of The Little Singham

The main goal of this app, namely Singham Kids Early Learning Small App, was to establish a main ground that would attract kids by the various animated features and interactive videos included in this app. These ideas will further help them to learn about the different aspects in an exciting way. Each theme put in The Little Singham app is a perfect blend of something academic and fascinating.

The application generated by the Creative Galileo team allows young minds to get involved in activities based on learning by portraying their favorite characters. Children are drawn to their favorite cartoon characters and are therefore enthusiastic about engaging in activities that allow them to learn while having fun. This is a great idea to attract the majority of students and help them focus more on learning without getting bored or losing interest.

The all-in-one app to guide you and have fun

Moreover, all the game sessions and interactive videos included in this app allow young learners to get involved in the learning process, which is included in these games and activities. Children can learn about languages, numbers, the arts and sciences, and cultures and effectively hone their other skills. The main areas of this small Singham learning app include numeracy, language and literacy, discovering the world, social and emotional development, motor development and finally, aesthetic and creative expression. It is a comprehensive application which combines the idea of ​​education and entertainment.

The Indian touch puts Creative Galileo in the spotlight

Despite the fact that several other countries have unique and extraordinary apps somewhat related to The Little Singham, this app stands out from the league because of its core ideas and foundation in the Indian context. This application is designed for young minds from 3 to 8 years old as this period is considered the most essential and fundamental in the learning process for a human. The Little Singham app is somewhat focused on this age group as it is the one time kids can adjust to new things and learn quickly by being drawn to and passionate about the entertainment involved in the process. learning.

Right now, the pandemic is not at the finish line. Each of us is focusing more on online learning, as well as the courses that have already been taken by one. India has fully focused on intelligence and online processes in order to acquire educational concepts or learning processes. Covid-19 has forced everyone, as well as children, to move the learning process from offline to online, and the Little Singham app is making it more accessible.

It is one of the online apps that focus on online learning without creating a tedious or hectic environment for kids. This app focuses on the learning experience of Indian children by lowering or removing the barriers of understanding they might face in other apps built by foreign countries. Language and action have always been a problem when a child is trying to adjust to online learning, which has been worked on and balanced by the Creative Galileo team. The theme, which is more focused and focused on Indian context and ideas, makes it more useful and productive for Indian children.

The entire creative Galileo team has tried to revolutionize the current education system by involving the use of animated characters that appeal to children. They focused on primary education, learning and entertainment by applying charming and engaging storylines with the help of characters like little Singham and his friends Hawaldar Karate, Babli, Lattu and several others.

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