The learning gap “will take a long time” to fill, according to Amherst County superintendent; COVID test results in

AMHERST COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – At a press conference Thursday, Superintendent Rob Arnold announced a brief closure of all schools in Amherst County due to coronavirus.

So far this school year, various schools in the county have temporarily closed due to the virus, but this is the first time that all schools have been affected.

Arnold said this year’s cases exceeded last year’s cases on Thursday.

“We have determined that there are currently 198 active cases in the Amherst County public school system. All last year we had 100 active cases, ”said Arnold.

Parents in the neighborhood react to the move.

A parent says she is happy the shutdown has taken place, citing health as paramount for her three children.

“With the number of students and staff currently having COVID, there is no other way to contain it than to simply shut down,” said Katie Sharkey.

CSGA says no in-person or distance learning will be done, but self-directed learning opportunities would be available.

Friday the school system put these online for all school levels. The exercises are optional.

Sharkey says using things like these can help keep kids engaged.

“The school has a lot of websites for us that have learning resources that are almost like putting your child in front of the computer and they can do it that way,” Sharkey said.

Meanwhile, the district says it will do what it can to make up for any learning loss this past school year, especially after the recent drop in learning standards scores.

They say we will have to go back to schools to do it.

“The educational disruption that has occurred over the past year and a half will not be made up like this. It will take a long time to catch up,” Arnold said Thursday. “We just need to go back to school. safely.”

They say they need the community’s help to make sure the virus doesn’t get into schools.

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