Style Editor’s Best Sizing Picks and Tips

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  • I’ve been a style editor for 7 years and have tested dozens of denim brands.
  • Everlane is my go-to for jeans because it’s affordable, the styles are cute, and the jeans fit me well.

Good jeans can seem impossible to buy. Trying on new brands is always a dice roll, and it can be very difficult to find the right size when the same size is so different from brand to brand.

I’ve tested jeans from probably 50 brands in my 7 years as a style editor, but there are only a handful of places I buy my jeans from now. I get a lot of questions from my friends about where they should buy jeans, and Everlane is always where I send them.

Good jeans don’t have to be expensive, and Everlane’s prices are extremely fair. Pairs range from $68 to $118 for its core collection, with stretch blends being less expensive and non-stretch 100% cotton pairs costing a bit more. Plus, any order over $75 gets free shipping, so most pairs will help you meet the threshold.

When you buy luxury or designer brands, you rarely buy higher quality or more durable fabrics – you just get more modern fits and perhaps brand credibility. I’ve purchased brands like Citizens of Humanity ($200+ per pair) and the quality is nearly identical to Everlane thanks to similar fabric weights and seam construction.

Besides the fact that its jeans are great value for money, Everlane is constantly releasing new fits to meet the demand of popular trends, so there are always plenty of trendy styles to choose from.

Here are some of my favorite styles:

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