Recycled technology provides social impact e-waste solutions

Recycled technology

Convert discarded electronics into education resources in Sri Lanka

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, July 4, 2021 / – Upcycled Tech seeks to improve the lives and well-being of disadvantaged people through the beneficial recycling of unwanted technological equipment and devices discarded by society. Upcycled Tech aims to establish itself in remote war-torn villages in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

Upcycled Tech up is changing electronic waste management with a social impact. Devices donated by various organizations – creates an environmentally friendly computing solution that facilitates access and pathways to virtual education for students in rural and remote villages of Sri Lanka.

“88% of the 4 million computers in Australia each year will end up in landfill. This contributes to the 140,000 tonnes or more of electronic waste generated by Australia each year, ”according to Mr. Sujan Selven (founder of Upcycled Tech). The gap between digitally included and excluded citizens in developing countries is also large and growing.

About 40 million electronic devices are thrown away in Australia each year. A significant part of them can be refurbished, thus extending their productive life. Electronic waste is responsible for 70% of toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury found in landfills. It is growing at a rate 3 times the rate of any other waste stream and is a huge burden on Australia’s waste management systems.

In Sri Lanka, computer literacy rates remain low and suboptimal due to the lack of available technological and educational infrastructure. The computer literacy rate in Sri Lanka is estimated to be 30.1%, compared to the rate of over 80% in Australia. In Orientale Province, only 14% of the population has access to electronic devices. Additionally, school closures and mandatory Covid quarantine have further negatively impacted education systems due to the lack of access to e-learning in many parts of the country.

Upcycled Tech’s partnership with Payam Data Recovery (Australia’s largest data erasure and recovery center) provides a guarantee of confidentiality as all sensitive data is deleted from devices in accordance with Department of Defense standards before their shipment abroad. Upcycled Tech has also successfully partnered with CleanTech (the first licensed electronic waste recycler in Sri Lanka), to ensure safe disposal of donated devices after reaching their full lifespan capacity.
Up Tech accepts working desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, printers and scanners from any organization, educational institution or individual. Businesses can save significantly on e-waste disposal fees and transportation costs by donating old electronic equipment while reducing the e-waste footprint.

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Recycled technology
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