Professional Master of Engineering programs designed for working professionals

LAS CRUCES – It is possible to earn a Professional Master of Engineering degree from New Mexico State University online in under a year, from anywhere in the world.

The College of Engineering now offers seven options for Professional Masters — 30-hour non-thesis degrees specifically designed to accommodate professionals working in a variety of engineering and technical fields.

Professional Masters are attractive to professionals because of their integration of advanced technical training with leadership skills.

“Our professional masters are designed to impart more practical and technical skills in areas that employers value,” said Antonio Garcia, associate dean of academics at the College of Engineering. “These degree programs are popular because of the emphasis on marketable skills and the effectiveness of obtaining the master’s degree in just 10 courses.”

Plus, a master’s degree can dramatically increase the average salary.

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The new 100% online Professional Masters in Information Technology, or M-IT, program got its first promotion earlier this year. The flexibility of the degree has enabled full-time employees and first-generation graduates like Giovanni Rascon, an NMSU alumnus and network engineer at ANM, a computer consulting company, to earn a master’s degree in professional computer science.

“Being the first graduate in my family is a huge accomplishment not only for me, but for everyone who has supported me on this journey,” said Rascon. “I work well in online environments, having this whole program online has allowed me to pursue my educational goals while developing and complementing my career.”

The M-IT program is a 30-credit, course-only professional master’s degree with a focus on advanced information technology development. The program is exclusively online and specially designed for IT professionals. The courses offered throughout the year offer students the opportunity to graduate quickly.

Rascon graduated in a year. However, even at a part-time pace, students can complete the program in less than two years.

Launched by the College of Engineering in the fall semester 2020, the professional master’s degree is open to students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in information technology or other closely related fields. The program is also available to IT professionals who do not have an undergraduate degree in IT.

“Several of our students do not have undergraduate technical degrees, but have joined us with extensive hands-on computer experience,” said Rolfe Sassenfeld, professor of engineering at NMSU and director of the M-IT program. “These students are able to use their work experience to successfully complete the M-IT program.”

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For Rascon, the online professional master’s program was an opportunity to advance in his career.

“Obtaining a degree in a field that I am passionate about only strengthens my desire to continue my learning,” said Rascon. “Each class completes itself and fits together like a piece of a puzzle. The knowledge I learned from one class could be applied to others.

Although Rascon said he was proud of his accomplishments, it was the support of his family that kept him going.

“This degree is not for me,” Rascon said. “It’s for everyone who stood behind me, especially my parents and siblings.”

Find out more about the Professional Masters in Engineering

NMSU College of Engineering’s new Professional Master of Engineering programs are offered in a variety of disciplines. There are seven options for these degrees:

Professional Master of Engineering programs are offered worldwide through the NMSU-Online campus. NMSU-Online offers students an advanced learning platform at an affordable fixed cost per credit hour. NMSU-Online also offers discounts on active duty military tuition fees.

Applications for these programs are accepted year round and there is still time to apply for the spring semester 2022.

Vladimir Avina writes for Marketing and Communications at New Mexico State University and can be contacted at 575-646-7234 or by email at [email protected]

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