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UNIVERSITY PARK – Penn State Extension recently launched an online course focusing on the basics of bovine reproduction and safe and effective reproductive management practices and protocols.

One of many dairy skills courses due to launch over the next month, “Dairy skills: reproduction management” is designed for dairy farm workers inexperienced in breeding management and dairy farms who wish to provide an introductory video training for entry-level workers.

The course designers note that effective and efficient reproductive management practices are essential to the profitability of the dairy industry. Establishing healthy pregnancies in a timely manner is critical with mature heifers and the lactating cow herd.

In this self-paced course, dairy farm workers can watch educational videos and answer knowledge check questions to learn the basics of cow breeding, how to recognize cows in heat, how hormone treatments work, and artificial insemination, safe reproductive management practices and other topics. . Learners can download and print a list of reproductive management terms and a summary of reproductive management objectives for dairies.

Dairy farm workers will learn to:

* Identify the important parts of the female cow’s reproductive system.

* Describe the estrous cycle.

* Recognize and interpret estrus, or “Heat,” behaviour.

* Describe the process of artificial insemination.

* Work with estrous synchronization and timed artificial insemination protocols.

* Perform safe breeding protocols.

* Evaluate reproductive performance.

The course includes six short quizzes. Learners will need to score above 80% on quizzes to pass this course and receive a certificate of completion. The course will take approximately four hours to complete.

Participants can register for a fee of $49. More information is available on the Penn State Extension website.

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