No intermediate exam for P / ling students

Other Southern Dzongkhags postpone midterm exam

Yangchen C Rinzin

As the mid-term exam is scheduled from July 1, Phuentsholing students will not have a mid-term exam for grades IV-XII, but will be assessed on the basis of continuous formative assessment via current online courses.

After a 73-day closure at Phuentsholing since April 17, four public schools and two private schools also remained closed.

The Ministry of Education approved the Phuentsholing Thromde’s request to assess students through online education.

Thromde’s education official Norbu Gyeltshen said it was decided, based on the current situation, that teachers will continue to assess students until July 24, after which students will take a break. for summer vacation. “The assessment will be considered the midterm review,” he said. “The teachers will continue to work on the assessment and will miss the summer vacation. “

Norbu Gyeltshen said that although the online exam was considered initially, it was realized that it would be tedious as some students had difficulty accessing online courses or, in some cases, access appropriate smart phones.

“Additionally, we cannot have exams as many schools were unable to complete the program before the lockdown was declared,” he said, adding that the admission of 165 Class XI students had also been conducted online during the lockdown, which gave less time to have contact instruction. .

However, some parents were unsure whether or not the ministry was considering relocating pupils from Phuentsholing after Education Minister Jai Bir Rai during the current parliamentary session question-and-answer session said the ministry had worked on the move plan if needed.

Some of the parents shared that the ministry could have classes VIII-XII studied in lockdown mode instead of moving.

Norbu Gyeltshen said that Thromde’s office proposed to the Ministry of Education that if students in classes IX-XII (around 970 students) could be transferred to other dzongkhags and that classes VII-VIII (around 600 students ) could study in confinement mode.

The thromde has not yet received the answer.

However, a ministry official said they are still working on how and where to move if the ministry decides to move, but nothing has been decided yet. “However, we have decided to approve the request for non-conduct of the exam because the situation is different at Phuentsholing.”

At the same time, the Ministry of Education also approved Samdrupjongkhar Thromde’s request to postpone the exam of 322 students at Samdrupjongkhar Middle High School due to an interruption in learning due to a month of confinement in May. .

Thromde’s education official, Dorji Gyalpo, said it was decided to postpone the exam for these students as they were most affected as places where the majority of students resided in buildings demarcated by yellow or red area.

“These students completely missed the lessons. Despite the online lessons, many students missed the lessons, ”said Dorji Gyalpo. “Students will be sent for a break as scheduled after July 15 and then take the exam after the break, which is in August.”

However, the rest of the schools have planned to have exams on schedule since the lockdown has not affected classes.

With the exception of two schools in Jomotsangkha Drungkhag, Monmola Primary School and Lauri Primary School, the rest of the 23 schools will have exams as scheduled under Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag.

Dzongkhag education official Kinzang Dendup said exams at these two schools would depend on the outcome of mass tests carried out on June 27. “If the lockdown is lifted in these areas, students will take exams as scheduled. Otherwise, we may have to postpone the review for them as well.

Samtse’s dzongkhag education manager Karma Sonam Chophel said the midterm exam has been postponed for about a week, meaning exams will take place from July 9.

However, he said two schools in Phuentshopelri (Gomtu) would depend on the situation in which the area is still closed following a detected community case. “If the lockdown continues, we will have to postpone the review beyond July 9. “

Karma Sonam Chophel added that exams had to be postponed because some students were unable to complete their online classes during the lockdown. “So they want to bridge the lessons first for a week before taking the exam.”

Edited by Jigme Wangchuk

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