NIT-Tiruchi plans new online and hybrid courses

The National Institute of Technology Tiruchi (NIT-T) is planning to introduce new online and hybrid programs as part of initiatives under the National Education Policy (NEP), according to its director G. Aghila.

The Institute’s Strategic Plan (2019-2024) is effectively implemented with periodic review and monitoring. The plan is aligned with the National Policy for Education 2020 with the implementation of a flexible curriculum, the facilitation of industry collaborations and the possibility of credit transfer from elite institutions. “We plan to implement more initiatives including online courses and programs to increase the gross enrollment rate,” Ms. Aghila, who recently took over the leadership of NIT-T, said during a press conference here on Wednesday.

NIT-T made an almost seamless transition to a virtual teaching-learning environment during the pandemic. Students are back on campus for offline classes. However, after getting accustomed to the online system, the institute is proposing to adopt a hybrid system to scale up activities in line with NEP without compromising quality, she said.

The institute plans to launch an online postgraduate certificate program in steel technology and is in the process of formulating the curriculum. The program is likely to be 18-24 months in duration with an intake of 30-50 students. The institute also plans to introduce a hybrid program on data science and artificial intelligence.

The pandemic has not hampered NIT-T’s research and advisory initiatives, she argued. During the pandemic period, approximately 30 patents were filed and 10 granted.

A culture of entrepreneurship is fostered among students by encouraging them to embark on start-ups. The program has been made flexible to meet the needs of students working in start-ups during the study period, she said.

Despite the pandemic and lockdown, placements were made online and saw 20% growth over 2020-21 with over 240 companies participating in NIT-T’s talent search. The placement process is still ongoing as the institute has been tracking recruitment throughout the year for different specializations, she said.

Extended coaching

Starting this school year, some public school students in Tirunelveli district will also be offered coaching to sit JEE Main and Advanced exams as part of IGNITTE’s IMPULSE project, a community outreach initiative of NIT-T , implemented in Tiruchi district in recent years. years. About thirty students are selected each year to be supervised in the district. “The initiative is being extended to Tirunelveli at the request of the collector from Tirunelveli, who is a veteran of NIT-T,” Ms Aghila said.


NIT-T’s four-day international techno-managerial event, Pragyan, which kicks off Thursday with the theme “Nexus”, will run in hybrid mode this year. The event is expected to attract attendees from over 100 colleges. The event will feature various competitions including hackathons, quizzes, games, talks and infotainment shows.

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