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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – With the number of COVIDs increasing forcing schoolchildren to self-quarantine, New Haven is trying to come up with a plan to make sure these kids aren’t left behind.

However, some members of the Board of Education feel that what is being done right now is not enough.

Unlike last year, there is no virtual learning option where students who are at home can log in and see what is happening in their classroom.

In New Haven, they receive homework and 2 hours of live instruction after the course ends. The school district admitted it wasn’t optimal, but stressed it just didn’t have the staff.

“If they’re at home and they can only get 2 hours of instruction a day, they’re not going to take it upon themselves to do something constructively,” said Lisa Anderson of New Haven. “They’re going to watch TV, play video games, or be on the phone. “

Anderson said it’s not a way for kids to learn, especially after the past year and a half of classroom disruption.

“If they have to stay home for virtual learning, it has to be for the same length of time as I think they would be when they were in school,” she argued.

How to ensure that children forced into quarantine always learn became a hot topic at this week’s Education Council meeting.

“Do we have a plan for the quarantined children? And that number is growing every day, ”said Darnell Goldson of the New Haven School Board.

Right now, without virtual learning, the district said students who are in quarantine get online packages for their homework and also log in for instructions with a teacher 2 hours a day after class. The school district has said for now that the problem is not having enough teachers for their, let alone virtual, classrooms.

“Whether they work from home or come into buildings, we always need people. That’s what I’m trying to say. We still need staff, ”said Dr. Iline Tracey, Superintendent of New Haven.

However, the district said a virtual academy is underway as it is due to have one operational by the 2022-2023 school year.

“It’s not as refined to the point that we can activate it in every classroom,” explained Dr. Paul Whyte, New Haven Public Schools. “I enjoy the fight. But be aware that a rudimentary version will go online in October.

The district said it is also contacting retired teachers to see if they would be interested in helping.

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