Minarets seeks to better prepare students for the future with the new “Living Pro” class

Article by Hazel Taintor, student journalist for Minarets Press

Video by Sofia Braz, student journalist for Minarets Press

The age-old argument is that schools, while providing students with a great deal of information, do not adequately prepare students for the real world. Minarets High School sought to remedy it. Living Pro, mandatory for all seniors, essentially teaches students the skills they will need throughout their lives.

The course is given by an educator Mikendra mccoy, which explains the essential function of the curriculum.

“Adult 101. It was meant to fill in the gaps in the things that have been taken out of the curriculum and need to sort of be put back into the curriculum and that are necessary for people to function.”

The new Living Pro class emphasizes the implementation of the program in the real world. These include extremely practical skills such as cooking, cleaning, how to remove stains, and sewing. Students will also earn their CPR certification, food handler license, and Microsoft certifications. McCoy says these are “skills that are needed to survive life.”

The class seeks not only to teach students new skills, but also to relate what they have learned throughout their school careers to their future.

“Living Pro was designed to try to bring practical use back to the classroom. Because for too long classrooms have been four-wall isolated experiences where you learn math, science or English and it’s a way to really infuse PBL, which is project-based learning ” , explains McCoy.

Many seniors who take the course are also excited about the topics they will cover, including senior Jolene Anderson.

“It makes us think about a lot of things, especially since we are seniors and will soon be getting into the real world.”

She is also looking forward to completing her Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) which all must complete in order to graduate. The classroom will also be used by students to take these projects a step further and give back to the world and the community in new ways.

It will be exciting to see how and how the Living Pro class impacts the Class of 2022.

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Link to the video: https://youtu.be/pSetwon5qrQ

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