Megan Hallett Advances Education With Crypto-Based EarlyBird App

Megan Hallett Launches Crypto-Based Online Learning App Designed To Serve Kids Around The World

Megan Hallett – a titular educator and skilled cryptocurrency developer – launched the world’s first DeFi token supported by an award-winning app. By combining SOWL token with the EarlyBird application, she helps kids around the world learn while helping token holders grow their money.

Many crypto projects are not sustainable in the long term because they are not built on a valuable asset. Ever since Megan integrated SOWL Token into an award-winning app designed to educate millions of children around the world, she’s made sure she can keep the token.

“I always knew the education industry lacked technology, but being forced to quarantine and teach remotely when COVID-19 hit really exacerbated the problem,” Megan says. “I realized that eLearning was now more valuable than ever for educating young children whose minds craved knowledge. Additionally, the crypto world needed a real utility product backed by a real technological edge.

SOWL Token was inspired by Megan’s dream of connecting her virtual learning app – EarlyBird – to a well-built smart contract that drives cryptocurrency growth on its own. With her Masters of Classroom Technology from LaSalle University and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Delaware, Megan developed the ideal solution.

Megan created the EarlyBird app especially for children ages 1-8. The app offers different learning levels, all of which teach specific topics such as numbers, reading, and shapes. EarlyBird also comes with “SpecTech” features including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and video tutoring. Megan originally named her token after the EarlyBird icon – a SuperOwl. SuperOwl Token was eventually shortened to SOWL Token.

The EarlyBird app and the SOWL token drive each other. When EarlyBird users play on the app, they can earn SOWL tokens which they can use to pay for new levels. Likewise, SOWL token holders can download the EarlyBird app and play some of the games to earn more tokens. As more and more people adopt the EarlyBird app, the value of the SOWL token increases. Likewise, as more and more people buy the SOWL token, the EarlyBird app becomes even more popular.

Megan also started the SOWL Purpose – a program to fund the learning of underprivileged children. For every $ 100 of tokens purchased, SOWL Token sponsors a child with a free semester of the EarlyBird Virtual Education System.

Megan has masterfully combined EarlyBird and SOWL Token to create a product that transforms education around the world. With this solution, she built a legacy learning system for children, which also promotes wealth accumulation for token holders.

About Megan Hallett

Megan Hallet launched SOWL Token, a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain which is supported by her EarlyBird eLearning app. As a titular educator and qualified cryptocurrency developer, Megan consults and creates mobile apps, websites and smart contracts for cryptocurrency, while also cooperating with EarlyBird Inc.

Media contact
Company Name: Sow token
Contact: Megan Hallett
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: (667) 837-3279
State: Kentucky
Country: United States

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