Longer, cheaper bar exam preparation program seeks to shake up the industry

  • Nonprofit group launches new, cheaper bar prep course
  • Syracuse University Law School First To Adopt Helix Bar Review

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(Reuters) – There is a newcomer to the crowded bar exam preparation scene, aiming to stand out with a lower price tag and a longer curriculum.

AccessLex Institute will launch its new Examination of the helical bar program next month and has already signed an agreement with Syracuse University College of Law to make the course available to all third-year law students at no cost to them.

AccessLex, a former private student loan issuer, in 2010 became a nonprofit focused on access and affordability of law schools. He has spent the past two years developing Helix with the goal of lowering the cost of preparing for bar exams, AccessLex President Chris Chapman said on Tuesday.

Helix will be the cheapest comprehensive bar exam program on the market, Chapman said. Helix costs $ 1,199 for law students taking the Uniform Bar Exam, compared to $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 for most in-person bar admission courses or live-taught online courses, for which many. many law graduates take out special loans.

“This is a chance for us to get a state-of-the-art bar prep course at a cost that does not reflect the markup of commercial bar prep classes, and it will give our students an early opportunity to get ready for the bar, ”said Craig Boise, dean of Syracuse Law, in an interview.

Mike Sims, president of BARBRI, which is the oldest and largest provider of bar exam preparation in the country, said on Tuesday that his company had “always welcomed new entrants to the bar exam market,” noting that competition makes all suppliers better. Chapman said he hopes the introduction of Helix will help lower the cost of other commercial bar brewing programs.

Another difference with Helix is ​​that users can start the program 20 weeks before the bar exam, while most other traditional programs last 12 or 16 weeks. Students don’t have to spend the 20 weeks making the bar, but it does give them the flexibility to start early if they wish. (Sims noted that BARBRI offers six- and 10-month bar programs in addition to its shorter traditional offering.)

Helix combines elements of traditional bar exam preparation programs, such as outlines and practice questions, with short videos, performance tests, and checklists. It also incorporates adaptive learning techniques, identifying areas in which a student is struggling and redirecting their attention to address those shortcomings.

“If a student chooses the adaptive learning mode, they receive assessments of their level of knowledge on various topics and the subjects they are weakest on, they are assigned more work,” Chapman said. “It’s a way to have not only effective learning, but effective learning.”

AccessLex plans to develop bar exam preparation programs for California and Florida, the two largest jurisdictions that do not yet use the uniform bar exam. These programs should be available by 2023.

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