Get 59 hours of Arduino training for $40

The maker community is full of enterprising coders, electricians, and engineers who have stopped scrolling the app market and started creating their own apps, devices, and even functional robots. And it’s all made possible by a new generation of microcomputers like Arduino that have essentially democratized the technology, putting advanced tools in the hands of curious technicians and making them easy to use.

If you want to get started with Arduino, there’s no better way than with the Ultimate Arduino Coding Power Course Bundle. This online boot camp offers 13 courses, all taught by established engineers and programmers. Already dabbling in Arduino? Find ideas to keep you busy for years to come. Just getting started? These courses provide hands-on opportunities with minimal jargon.

There are beginner courses on Arduino and ROS2, a robotics platform that even some smart kids will love. As you work through the courses (at your own pace), choose projects that spark your creativity and absorb key concepts as you go. Within days, you’ll be setting up Arduino shields, connecting everyday devices wirelessly via Bluetooth, and even building your own board from scratch. Popular languages ​​like Python and C+ are part of the program, and once you’re a confident DIYer, you’ll find blueprints for over 30 projects.

PCMag readers can pick up 59 hours of training with the Ultimate Arduino Coding Power Course Pack, on sale for $39.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $2,600.

Prices subject to change.

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