FCC Fire Academy Class 56 heads to New York for September 11 – the Rampage Online

Fresno City College Fire Academy Class 56 Planning Trip to New York September 9 – 13, 2021.

The purpose of the trip is for Class 56 to participate in a 9/11 ceremony and parade, commemorating the attack on 20e birthday.

During the trip, the class also plans to visit the 9/11 Memorial to learn more and honor those who lost their lives that day.

In preparation for the trip, Class 56 did a lot to raise funds for the trip, according to Peter Cacossa, director of the FCC Fire Academy.

With a flyer issued, some Panda Express and Chipotle restaurants in Clovis and Fresno donated a portion of buyers’ meals to the Fire Academy fundraiser.

In addition, the academy has sold cords and performed numerous car washes, two of which have helped the academy raise more than $ 3,000 each, according to the Fire Academy. Instagram post.

The cost of the trip was $ 800 per student, for an overall total of approximately $30,000 with flight and hotel costs included for 27 students, according to Cacossa.

Cacossa also added that any money left over from the trip will be donated to those affected by September 11.

The trip to New York City was illuminated during a meeting with the District Governing Board of State Center Community College.

If the academy has issues with COVID and the trip is canceled, Cacossa and the board have decided that a refund will be issued.

Three students in Class 56, Zayne Schallberger, Josh Munioz and Adan Viveros, expressed their enthusiasm for the trip and how honored it is.

Schallberger said he was eager to: “Choose the advice of other New York firefighters. The different ways they fight fires in New York and their stories of how they became firefighters. ”

Schallberger really liked the opportunity to go to New York with his class because he’s never been there.

Viveros expressed how honored it is to be a part of this trip and how grateful he is. It will also be his first time in New York.

Munioz said it would be his second time to visit the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City and expressed his passion for participating in 9/11.

Ground Zero is the 16-acre 9/11 Memorial occupying the site where the old World Trade Center complex and Twin Towers once stood.

While in New York City, Class 56 also plans to have fun visiting sights like the Statue of Liberty and attending a Yankees game.

In addition, the whole class will participate in a burpee challenge, which consists of a combination of push-ups and a jump performed in sequence several times.

The challenge will be recorded live on Instagram with Class 56 competing against the City of Fresno Fire Department.

It will show respect for the 343 firefighters who died on September 11 and commemorate their bravery and sacrifice, according to Cacossa.

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