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Mangaluru: A study by researchers from Mangaluru and Bahrain, published in “Springer Nature,” pointed out that undergraduates and postgraduates (UG, PG) have now adapted to online courses. Therefore, at least one course should be held online each day, the study recommends.
A study titled “Covid-19 and its impact on the educational environment in India” was released on Tuesday by a leading global publisher in research, education and the profession.
It was undertaken by Niyaz Panakaje, assistant professor and research guide at a private university in Mangaluru, Habeeb Ur Rahiman, Kingdom University, Bahrain; Mustafa Raza Rabbani, Department of Economics and Finance, College of Business Administration, University of Bahrain; Abhinandan Kulal, Department of Commerce, University of Mangalore and Mahammad Thauseef Pandavarakallu and Shakira Irfan, Department of Graduate Studies and Business Research, St Aloysius College, Mangaluru.
Senior researcher Niyaz Panakaje said the study aimed to determine the perceptions of UG, PG students towards the college education environment in Karnataka. Various components of the college education environment, such as online courses, teaching, learning, college activity, assessment, college and administration, and teachers, have been taken in consideration.
The study is descriptive in nature and data for it was collected from 347 university students, including postgraduate students. The study was carried out by researching five universities in Karnataka like University of Mangalore, University of Srinivas, University of Yenepoya, University of Bangalore, VTU Belagavi, University of Nitte and University of Manipal, which represent the southern, eastern, western and northern regions of the state.
Niyaz said the overall result indicated that students have a positive perception of online courses. The only problem is poor network connectivity, he said.
Niyaz, in the conclusion of the study and its recommendation, said that the college administration should organize courses in at least one subject in online mode, as students are suitable for online courses. It also helps them prepare for a future pandemic, he said. “We also recommend that the state government of Karnataka provide basic infrastructure for colleges, so that they can organize classes systematically. Colleges that have now opened for offline courses will soon switch to online mode if a lockdown is blocked due to an increase in Covid cases, ”Niyaz stressed.

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