Compulsory online courses in Rajasthan: physical presence optional, compulsory online courses in Rajasthan

JAIPUR: Given the growing number of cases of Covid-19 in schools, the state government issued new guidelines on Friday making physical attendance optional at educational institutions. Schools were also urged to always offer online courses to students.

If students / teachers / staff become infected with Covid or if there is a possible infection on school premises, the institution should close that particular class (es) for 10 days. All educational institutions have been urged to stop holding assemblies, rallies and other programs.


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After examining the spread of the Covid infection in towns / villages / villages, the district collector will have the power to close schools / hostels for a period of time or impose any other restrictions.

The guidelines issued by Chief Interior Minister Abhay Kumar also stated that “educational institutions should not pressure parents to send their children to offline classes if they do not wish to do so. to do”.

Students looking for offline courses need parental approval

However, students who are looking for offline courses (those who wish to attend classes) must obtain written permission from their parents / guardians. All academic and non-academic staff in schools, colleges and universities should have taken both doses of the vaccine.

In addition, school vehicles will be authorized to circulate according to their capacity. “The RT-PCR test is a must for students in hostels run by these institutions. They should be quarantined until reports come in, ”it read. “Educational institutions need to screen all university and non-university staff and students. They will only be allowed to enter after the selection process. Membership in ‘no mask, no entry’ is a must. If they do not have a mask, it must be made available to them by the establishment. A distance of two meters must be respected to sit in the classes, ”he said. They should avoid holding assembly sessions, rallies and other programs, he said. “The canteens on the premises of the establishments will remain closed until further notice. The disinfection of chairs and tables, handrails, floors, doorknobs, public surfaces and stationery is essential in everyday life. Doors and windows must be left open for adequate ventilation, ”the guidelines add. If symptoms of Covid are seen in students, teachers or staff, they should be immediately sent to the nearest hospital or Covid center in an ambulance.

“Parents are advised to inform the school / local administration if any pupils or their family members become ill,” he said. In addition, random sampling of students / staff should be carried out by the health service at regular intervals.

A nodal officer should be appointed by the district magistrate to ensure that protocol is followed in these institutions. department and civic organizations, must be trained to perform special training in several areas to ensure adherence to SOPs and appropriate behavior. An anti-Covid team, comprising a district collector / incident commander and officials from various departments, should be formed to help JET comply with appropriate Covid behavior, vaccination and public awareness. A special badge and cap could be provided to team members, the order said.

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