The third Springbok tests a draw

Wellington, September 17: One could only imagine what the crowds would have been at Athletic Park today, on the occasion of the final test between New Zealand and South Africa, if he had good weather.

The rain started to fall yesterday afternoon, and continued uninterrupted throughout the night, and the day broke with the elements still unfavorable. During the morning torrential rains prevailed, and by the time the match was due to begin it seemed to have settled in for a steady downpour, and that’s what it turned out. It was a bad day for football, a bad day for the spectators, but, nevertheless, the enthusiasts gathered by the thousands, and at the time of departure probably 25,000 people were present. On the show, the game was disappointing, due only to the condition of the ground, dry on the top. The rain hadn’t had time to seep in, so it was mud holes and puddles. It is unfortunate that this is so given the importance of the occasion, but, to the credit of both teams, it must be said, they rose to the challenge and offered a demonstration of football. which, perhaps, exceeded the expectations of the spectators. . It was a big fight, mostly confined to the forwards, and, perhaps, a draw was a fitting result.

Shackleton’s expedition launches

London: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the Quest, will leave tomorrow for the Antarctic expedition. Sir Ernest Shackleton changed his plans at the last minute. For the first time in the history of Antarctic exploration, he decided to use Cape Town as a base. Provisions will be deposited there on arrival in December to allow the ship to embark more coal for the voyage to the Antarctic ice. Coming out of the ice, after having explored the limits of the Antarctic continent, the expedition will go to South Georgia and then leave via Bouvet Island to Cape Town to replenish reserves and coal the ship. The Quest will travel to the subantarctic, oceanic (Crozet, McDonald and Heard) islands en route to New Zealand.

Jubilee of the Portobello school

The Diamond Jubilee of the Portobello School is celebrated these days with an enthusiasm that does honor to the residents of the popular commune on the sunny side of the harbor. For weeks, the students have been very busy unearthing the earliest records of the era of sawmills, fleeing sailors, relentless pioneers and warm goodwill. Sunny Portobello was not destined to see his pioneering possibilities materialized by operating a light rail on the peninsula, but he retained his identity and his school sent people to participate in the larger life of the community. in general.

Such things pleasantly come to mind when the jubilee comes. The very old history of the school has faded somewhat over the years, but it seems that the school was first opened around 1857. The current building is the third to respond to the increase in population.

Celebration of the low port

53 years ago, the Lower Harbor School was founded. The current school buildings are located on the hillside almost directly above Pulling Point. They attended a school concert on Friday night, and the youthful enthusiasm was nice to see. – ODT, 19.9.1921.

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