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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei CooC-Cloud (????) the e-learning center served both local and overseas expatriate students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taipei CityThe digital learning platform has provided teachers, students and parents in Taiwan with an alternative approach to teaching, learning and communicating. At the same time, it helps expatriate students abroad who take Chinese courses, in addition to promoting international exchanges between students.

However, digital divides and fairness of assessments are two major issues when implementing distance education. In response, the city’s education department helps underprivileged students by providing electronic devices and internet access.

The city government created CooC-Cloud in 2016 to boost online learning. However, it wast until drastic class suspensions from May 19 – when the number of COVID cases skyrocketed – that most educators and students began to adjust to the distance education model.

Visits to the platform have jumped to more than 40 million in the past three months, after leveling off before the outbreak. The total number of visits is now 71 million, with around 896,211 registrations to date, according to the centers statistics.

CooC-Cloud e-learning centers monthly visits from August 2020 to July 2021 (photo CooC-Cloud)

The Digital Learning Platform is a place for students from primary to secondary school to access teaching materials within the framework of competency-based education. framework. Besides the compulsory knowledge courses such as Chinese, English and Mathematics, there are also optional skills courses which prepare students for everyday life and take on the challenge such as money management, or drug courses, according to the commissioner of the Ministry of Education, Tseng Tsan-chin (??).

For those preparing for college, some “experiential courses“include design, introduction to Chinese medicine and the Internet of Things. These provide an opportunity to clarify a genuine interest before taking subjects in higher education.”

Nearly 12,500 students are currently taking classes, Tseng said. “We have also launched the first series of guides for university applications, including writing a CV, a study plan and creating personalized study packages.”

CooC-cloud also helps during summer vacation. There are 210 online technology education sessions for students of Taipei Elementary and High School Summer Camps. With live streaming on the platform and pre-delivered kits, courses such as digital technology, mechanical and electrical integration, and programming have been well received by over 6,000 students and their parents.

“The education department plans to provide an additional 1,000 kits for more students to join the program and learn by doing,” Tseng added.

Sharing the resource with as many students in Taiwan as possible is the goal of the online learning center. Tseng said Taipei City has signed a memorandum of understanding with 15 other cities and counties to share online educational sources with 335 schools. High school students from 38 schools in Taiwan are allowed to enroll in intercampus programs under the MOU.

To get the most out of the platform, it has also become a tool for the Education Department and the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) to promote Taiwans digital education around the world, since March. About 390 teachers from around the world have been trained and completed a course using CooC-Cloud.

More than 3,600 students from 1,054 expatriate schools abroad can study Chinese and several courses on this online learning platform. Taipei City Government Education Department pointed out that Taiwanese students also benefit from cooperation abroad, as some expat schools in Malaysia, New Zealand and Japan have opened courses on the platform in exchange.

Taipei CooC-Cloud plays key role in digital learning during pandemic

A Chinese course for Indonesian students. (photo CooC-Cloud)

“We are supposed to organize events to help Taiwanese students find study abroad buddies this summer,” Tseng said. However, many international exchanges have been postponed due to the pandemic, so we will continue with more events after the restrictions are lifted. “

Although the platform has already played a positive role in enhancing domestic and overseas digital learning, Taipei City Government still has to overcome some challenges due to the digital divide and the e-learning effectiveness.

Some schools have tried to bridge the digital divide by offering more than 18,000 students need electrical appliances. Meanwhile, those who cannot access the internet can borrow short-term SIM cards. Students can also request discounts from telecommunications service providers.

Much of the effectiveness and efficiency of distance education relies on the self-discipline and classroom management skills of teachers. Therefore, CooC-cloud has developed an operating system, OnO, and a support application to help you.

With this system, teachers can give pre-video or live lessons, using a roll-call tool or a camera, to allow students to focus, assign homework and give feedback. School staff are able to monitor classes through the backend to ensure quality.

In addition, parents can quickly communicate with teachers and their children through the app. This tool brings parents and educators together to encourage students to study, reducing parents’ anxiety about the effectiveness of online learning.

We still need developers to create a fair and impartial assessment tool for distance learning to improve the fairness of distance learning, ”said Commissioner Tseng.

He said smart campuses are the future of digital learning and the CooC-Cloud e-learning center will be the basis for their development. The city government plans to further connect the platform to healthcare, catering, school administration and energy saving systems.

Big data will be applied to build a more personalized learning model for each student. Once the system and sources are integrated, it will create a new era for a self-contained, inverted and innovative campus for the digital generation.

It is a challenge to provide education during the pandemic. However, we are using technology to reverse education and make independent learning an action and not just a slogan, ”Tseng said.

Taipei CooC-Cloud plays key role in digital learning during pandemic

Cool-Cloud’s future services and developments. (photo CooC-Cloud).

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