Increase in distance learning spurs launch of Digital Wellbeing Award

The recent increase in distance learning has led to the launch of a Digital Wellbeing Award.

With students spending more time online and the risk proportionally increasing, Scotland’s Digital Schools Awards (DSA) have set up the new initiative to help support cyber resilience and internet safety in schools.

“Digital Schools Awards was created to help schools develop and maintain positive and resilient digital practices in learning and teaching,” said Anna Doody, DSA Program Manager.

“Ensuring children have the skills to recognize, respond to and recover from harm online is a natural progression of our work with the education sector. “

The new award is an evolution of the CR-IS (Cyber ​​Resilience and Internet Security) badge, launched in 2019, and follows growing demand from schools to include digital well-being as part of their broader pastoral care. Like CR-IS, the initiative will be offered as a stand-alone badge.

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Cyber ​​resilience is a key ambition of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework for a Cyber ​​Resilient Scotland, published in February 2021.

“Ensuring our young people have a positive online experience is a priority, and this new framework will help education, practitioners and learners foster a community-based approach to cyber resilience and internet security to recognize, react and recover in the digital world, ”said Ollie Bray, Strategic Director of Education Scotland, the executive agency responsible for supporting the quality and improvement of Scottish education.

To obtain the new badge, schools will have to “show that they have integrated cyber-resilience and Internet security in their planning and in all subjects, while implementing a positive and united ethics of digital well-being”.

DSA was launched in Scottish primary schools in 2016 – in partnership with Education Scotland, the Scottish Government’s child welfare unit, Police Scotland and Hewlett-Packard – to encourage them to integrate digital skills into the curriculum.

It was extended to secondary schools the following year.

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