In conversation with Gauri Khan about collaborating with The Designer’s Class, an online learning platform for interior design

“Gauri Khan Designs does not want to appear as a brand that is only limited to luxury design. We want more and more people to have access to our products,” Gauri Khan says of her luxury brand naming.

Gauri Khan wears many hats, including his impeccable mastery of interior design. Her flair for intricate detail and fine craftsmanship embellishes any drab-looking space, making her one of the most celebrated names in the design industry.

Wife of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and mother of three – Suhanna, Aryan and AbRam – Gauri has now teamed up with The Designer’s Class™, an online learning platform, for her new designer module. inside. It will enable students to understand the practical application of design theories to create aesthetic and functional spaces while putting their ideas and inspiration into realistic design. It was launched in September 2021 by Edutechionalists India Pvt. ltd.

Gauri is delighted to share her expertise with bright young students.

“Learning is a process that has always intrigued me and helped me stay ahead of the industry, so it will be amazing when I share my industry experiences with all future designers (students My collaboration with The Designer’s Class is an ideal and organic evolution of my love for learning and it gives me a great opportunity to share my professional experiences with people who love design as much as I do. that I can reach so many people in different countries as well,” she said. First post in a virtual conversation.

This classroom concept was devised to make high-end design education accessible to everyone, regardless of demographics, professional qualifications and locations in the country. They previously offered classes from style leaders and fashion veterans like Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Masaba Gupta, Payal Singhal, Kunal Rawal, Arpita Mehta, Jayanti Reddy and Rhea Kapoor, and Tanya Ghavri.

Samarth Bajaj, the platform’s founder, says he started the program with a mission to disrupt and democratize design education around the world.

“Today, traditional design education is very expensive, and in India, in particular, it’s a bit outdated. I think the program needs to be redesigned. Also, it is not accessible because you have to go to physical universities and the good ones are only found in a few cities per se. So what we’ve done with the designer class is we’ve made it accessible to anyone who has a phone and a data plan, you can access the courses to further improve your accessibility, everything is a self-paced learning so you can learn at your own pace,” he said.

Gauri also believes that digital learning has opened up a new avenue for acquiring knowledge.

“I feel the possibilities are endless. Yes, I understand the concern of parents (who feel that too much digital consumption is not good) but looking at the bigger picture, e-learning has made education and knowledge accessible to any child sitting in any part of the world. Today a person can capture any interest through digital learning so the possibilities are crazy,” said Gauri who has decorated the homes of the most famous names including Mukesh Ambani, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren over a nine-year career.

Gauri, who launched her first concept store called The Design Cell in early 2014 in Mumbai and was also invited to showcase her designs at the prestigious Maison et Objet fair in Paris, is also gearing up to express her love for design through a Show digital conference.

And she is clear that this is definitely not a talk show.

“I want to stay in my field. I can’t suddenly become a talk show host, that’s not what I do. It is something that is only related and confined to design. We talk about design and that’s where my comfort zone is. We create things and it’s a creative show where we have creative people on board and we just discuss design there too, so I’m looking forward to it,” the 51-year-old said.

Gauri also owns a design studio named ‘Gauri Khan Designs’ which was launched in August 2017. Although many perceive the brand as a luxury segment, she says she does not want to come across as a brand that is only limited to luxury design. .

When asked if she plans to offer a collection for the masses, she replied: “Not really for the masses, but we have a ready-to-wear line, so it’s not all about luxury. and how only money can make a home beautiful. That’s not what we stand for. We stand for a beautiful, comfortable home where you live, where your family lives, which is your nest.

“Gauri Khan Designs does not want to appear as a brand that is only limited to luxury design. We have a ready-to-wear line and we want more and more people to have access to Gauri Khan Designs. We are open We’ll also be releasing an online loan line very soon where people can actually see the prices which will all be on the website so people don’t assume it’s going to be X amount or Y amount. That’s the whole game plan and we’re looking forward to that next year,” she said.

She also believes that the interior design space has exploded like never before after COVID-19.

“People are always curious about interior design, even more so after the COVID-19 situation. I think people become more attached to their homes because that’s where they’ve spent the most time over the past two years. They have become so conscious now. They’re so keen to know the material, they’re keen to renovate their homes, they know they’ve been ignoring their homes and I think it’s become a priority for them,” said Gauri, who was also named as one of the Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women” in 2018.

So what about interior trends?

“When I design a space, it’s never about trends, it’s more about the space you’re designing, for example – if it’s residential, is it a hotel, is it a restaurant, and who is it? the end user, who’s going to use this. The trend is one thing, but I choose what suits the client and what they’re actually going to use in the project. I go with more practical design sensibilities and that comes to my mind. first and that’s how I think,” she said.

And finally, we see that Gauri has joined the Instagram reel trending bandwagon late on, so enjoy this side of the digital age?

“Yeah. I enjoy it but I don’t constantly watch Instagram, I’m not obsessed with it. I see people getting really mad and checking in but I just like being there because our presence is really important to our work but we are not only focusing on that, ”she summarizes on this note.

Nivedita Sharma’s work experience includes covering fashion weeks in Milan, Pakistan, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Dubai and award functions like IIFA and TOIFA.

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