7 tips to prepare for exams in no time

How do you prepare for exams with time passing very quickly? You only have a short time to catch up on things that were taught in class, and it looks like catching up will be really hard.

If you need to prepare for the exams in a short time, this article is here to guide you.

For reasons you know well, you have not successfully completed your course notes since the beginning of the session or when the courses started, and now it is almost time for you to take exams and it becomes a reality frightening that you are not sufficiently prepared.

If you don’t want to crash the playback or just don’t like the idea, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips to prepare for exams in no time

1. Don’t Panic

Yes it’s important. It may seem like a minor thing on the outside, but it actually helps define your preparation process. There would be fear and anxiety rushing at you because you would feel like you might fail because you couldn’t prepare for the exams in advance.

Fear has a way of making you feel unable to cope with the task ahead. However, you have a choice. Let your fears limit you and you’ll end up not doing anything productive with the little time you have OR prepare for your exams while keeping the fear under control.

More than ever, you need to be optimistic and positive. You won’t be well if all your thoughts are filled with fear. Affirmations could help you with this, being responsible to people could also help you control fear. How? You have people giving you advice on how to navigate and feeding your fears with positive thoughts.

2. Know your schedule

It is important that you know your exam schedule. Why? Well, so that you are well guided. You have to make a plan and create SMART goals which will help you study effectively.

When traveling to prepare for your exams, you don’t want to read your last article, which is about a month away, before the first or third, which is a few weeks away.

3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

How will the information help you? With this information, you will be able to identify topics or subjects that you are quite good at and struggle with AND other topics that present themselves as a threat. You can bring yourself to read or study the ones you’re good at in hopes of getting over them in no time. OR read the difficult ones first with the assurance that you will spend more time on them, and spend the last few minutes on the easier ones.

4. Intentionally set aside time to study

To prepare for exams in a limited time, you need to set standards for how much time you spend reading. You see, if you don’t schedule your time to read, you might not end up reading. Instead, you’ll waste time and end up doing nothing. And you will end up with regrets during and after the exams.

5. Ask for help

In order to prepare for the exams in a short time, enlist the help of classmates. You can also participate in group discussions, as this will help you access the thought process of anyone else who has read or has something to contribute. Group discussions would help demystify points that once seemed ambiguous and help you approach your books with more understanding and clarity.

6. Take notes or record

To prepare for exams, you can either take notes or make a recording to remind yourself of key points in the material you have read that you could easily forget. This will come in handy as you go about your day’s work.

7. Ask yourself questions

This is another tip that could help you prepare for exams. Ask yourself likely exam questions based on what you have learned so far. While working or doing something other than reading, you might randomly ask yourself questions about a topic that intrigues you. It will help to load your brain and test your knowledge of what you think you already know.

8. Sleep

Feel free to sleep or take naps as often as you can. While preparing for your exams, don’t deprive yourself of sleep too often. Approaching your books with a well-rested mind will help you focus quite well, and you’ll see how easy it will be for you to pick up the points.


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